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Physician Focus: Meet Dr. Aswani

Dr. Vijay Aswani

Vijay Aswani, MD

Dr. Aswani is a primary care provider with UBMD Internal Medicine, seeing patients at the UBMD Outpatient Center at Conventus. Dr. Aswani is an associate professor in the Division of Internal Medicine-Pediatrics in the Department of Medicine at the University at Buffalo.

Written by Vijay Aswani, MD, PhD

Your relationship with your doctor is one that can bring wellbeing and health to you. I define my practice by relationships, not by diseases or ‘cases’.

I graduated medical school from the Medical University of the Americas in West Indies in 2005. I went on to a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin. I built a successful primary care practice in Wisconsin where I lived for the past decade before coming to New York state in August 2017. My practice consisted of families – often spanning multiple generations (great grandparents down to their great grandchildren).  I like challenges and will often take on patients with complex medical conditions or difficult-to-diagnose problems.

In addition to my practice, I also do research on viruses and infectious diseases and teach medical students and residents. I enjoy giving back to the community – both locally and internationally. I love to volunteer time at camps or free clinics. I usually make one international medical mission a year.

To me primary care means two things:

  1. I’d like to be the first doctor you come to when something is wrong, but also when nothing is wrong – just for a well visit.
  2. When something is wrong that would involve specialty care, I’d love to continue to be a vital link, coordinating the care between and with the other doctors that may get involved.

I grew up all over the world (born in Nigeria, lived in India, the Caribbean, Japan and Panama). I therefore enjoy people of different cultures, languages and lifestyles. I am married, have a daughter in middle school and live in Williamsville. I look forward to becoming a part of Buffalo’s community and providing excellent and comprehensive medical care to families in Western New York and beyond.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Aswani, call 716.961.9400.