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There are many changes that occur throughout our lives, but one of the things that always remains the same is the need to have trusted, comprehensive medical care available when you need it. Whether it’s your routine annual physical, vaccinations in childhood or before going off to college, prenatal care during pregnancy or geriatric care in your retirement, doctors play a necessary role at every stage of your life. From your childhood family to the family of your own later in life, medical care is always a vital part of life, which is why having a family medicine physician can be such a benefit at every stage in life.

Family medicine physicians are well trained and educated on a wide range of different conditions and diseases, allowing them to serve as a first line of defense for all your medical needs. At UBMD Physicians’ Group, our board-certified family medicine physicians are trained to provide a full spectrum of services for children and adults, ranging from pediatric and adolescent medicine to specialized adult medicine services in obstetrics and gynecology, men’s health, geriatrics and more. Whether just for yourself or for your whole family, there are many benefits that come with choosing a family medicine doctor at UBMD Physicians’ Group.

From the Start

a family medicine nurse sits next to a woman and her baby son in the waiting roomOne advantage of working with a family medicine physician is that they can be with a person from day one – and even before. A family medicine physician can provide ongoing care for you as an expecting mother throughout your pregnancy, through delivery and post-natal care, and afterward for both you and your newborn as they grow and develop through their first weeks and months.

As a doctor that specializes in providing a lifetime continuum of care, a family medicine practitioner can start caring for you before you’re even born and work with you throughout your toddler years, into childhood, on to adolescence and throughout your lifetime. This individual attention and care can grow with you from youth to adulthood, and expand to cover new needs that may arise later on with a partner or children, if you have them.

Care at Any Age

As you grow up and grow older, your family medicine doctor can be there for you at every step and help provide care that grows with you. Whether you need care for sports injuries as a teen, specialized men’s and women’s health care in your early adulthood, or routine care or management of chronic conditions and diseases throughout your adult life, working with a dedicated family medicine practice means that your doctor can best meet your needs and ensure that your care is tailored to you.

Working with a family medicine doctor also means that whether you come in for a wellness visit or schedule an appointment to discuss a concern, he or she can follow up on your last visit and discuss any changes or concerns you may have. They can also provide insights that they may have noticed from reviewing your chart, or remind you about booster shots or inoculations you might need, providing you with more comprehensive health care.

A Relationship with Medicine

Female patient's breathing being checked by UBMD Family Medicine physicianAs the American Academy of Family Physicians also notes, having a family medicine provider allows you to develop a more intimate relationship with medicine, one that can grow and evolve throughout your life. As your primary doctor, a family medicine physician helps to keep you healthy and improve your overall health by recommending preventative services or tests to ensure that you stay healthy or identify concerns that may not show any outward symptoms.

In this way, studies cited by the academy say that your family care doctor not only keeps you well, but can even reduce your overall health costs. This can take many forms, whether it’s offering some specialized procedures and care offerings right in office, or eliminating the need for specialized doctor visits or trips to a specific facility. If other members of your family see the same physician, they can also account for your family relationship while working with you, providing additional insight into health care concerns and conditions among family members that could affect you later in life while still complying with HIPAA rules. They can also better provide care within a family and discuss how the health of your loved ones may impact you, both physically and psychologically.

For Everyday Concerns

Many of us schedule appointments with our doctors outside of wellness visits for physicals or checkups. Having a family medicine physician gives you an expert in your corner to help you through any of life’s bumps and bruises – or sniffles and coughs. Whether you have come down with a particularly bad flu, rolled an ankle while playing some pickup baseball, need a checkup before traveling abroad, or have concerns with feeling depressed, your family medicine doctor can serve as your first point of contact. In most cases, he or she can provide care and service to treat your issues in the office, allowing you to get back to your busy lifestyle.

One Source for All Your Care Needs

As a member of the UBMD Physicians’ Group network, your family medicine doctor also has the benefit of being able to refer you to specialized care if you need it. Broken bones, joint damage, skin concerns and other problems may be best treated by a doctor who specializes in the field.

As part of the UBMD team, our family care doctors work regularly with physicians throughout all our practice areas, giving them – and you – access to a network of highly trained and professional experts to provide any specialized care you need. It also means your family medicine physician has existing relationships with these doctors, and can even advise a specialist who he or she feels might work best with you, knowing your personality and your needs from years of ongoing care and trust.

We’re With You

With many of our practices having offices at our Conventus location on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, you may even be able to visit the same facility to receive the specialized attention needed. Plus, with all your doctors playing on the same team, information can easily be passed from office to office, providing an easy transition and a continuity of care you simply cannot find anywhere else in Western New York.

With offices located throughout Erie County in both Buffalo and the suburbs, our family medicine doctors are in the community and accepting new patients. If you’re looking for your family’s doctor, find them at UBMD Family Medicine. Call the location that works best for your lifestyle to schedule your first appointment today.